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The future of security is now with Microsoft Security Copilot

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In 2023, cybersecurity has become unequivocally a top concern among organizations of all sizes. From “boots on the ground” IT workers to CISOs, the conversation around intrusive threats and sophisticated attackers has become the quintessential conversation behind any strategic IT roadmap. Given a global shortage of skilled security professionals and dwindling IT budgets, the question that is being asked time and time again is, “How do we protect more with less?” With trillions of cybersecurity attacks a year, IT organizations no longer can be content with just raising this question; the time for action is now. As a global leader in cybersecurity, Microsoft has once again raised the bar, creating the first security product that empowers defenders to move at the speed of AI. It’s called Security Copilot.

Over the past few months, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the most talked about technology across the industry, with OpenAI’s ChatGPT leading the charge. To help combat the ever-growing advantages malicious attackers have, Microsoft has paired OpenAI’s GPT-4 generative AI and Large Language Models (LLM) with Microsoft’s leading security technologies to create a new first line of defense in the war against cyberattacks and intrusions.

As attackers become more sophisticated in the ways they surreptitiously access internal resources, acquire sensitive data, and deploy malware and ransomware, defenders must evolve quickly to stay ahead. Leveraging the power of responsible AI will help combat these threats.

Cybersecurity crosses a breadth of IT principles, so finding subject matter experts and/or onboarding new resources have become daunting tasks for IT. At Inviso, we’re excited about how Security Copilot will help address many of these concerns by leveling the playing field. Several features we’re most interested in are:

  • How Security Copilot can introduce those new to cybersecurity to a host of concepts and security-related disciplines in natural language.
  • The ability to reverse engineer malicious code so those without formal coding background can understand what the script is attempting to do.
  • Helping organizations rapidly scale up individuals by elevating their existing strengths through accelerated training driven by advanced AI learning.

Security Copilot is also designed to augment the preexisting knowledge base to ensure that Microsoft’s three core principles of security are always being addressed: Simplify the complex; Catch what others miss; and Address the talent gap. With a combination of human creativity,  knowledge, and best-in-class AI, Security Copilot will also harness Microsoft’s full security stack, seamlessly integrating with Microsoft’s Defender, Entra, Purview, Priva, Intune, and Sentinel capabilities.

As an early adopter of technology, Inviso applauds Microsoft’s commitment to their ethical responsibilities within the development of AI, ensuring data that’s ingested into Copilot remains with the customer and is not used to train or enrich Copilot. Microsoft continues to drive AI innovation of leveraging diverse perspectives, continuous learning, and agile responsiveness.

With the introduction of Security Copilot, we believe the future of cybersecurity is here today. As a cloud-native organization, Inviso also understands the power of Microsoft Azure and how it allows for rapid response, increased scalability, and a “do more with less” mentality. Built on Hyperscale AI and threat intelligence, we believe that the future of cybersecurity is here through the introduction of Security Copilot.

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