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Solution Assessments

Productivity & Security

Leverage the latest Microsoft technologies to create a secure, hybrid workplace, enabling your teams to be more productive while safeguarding corporate data.

Inviso helps unlock your team’s potential in this hybrid working world. Our subject matter experts will work with you to identify focus areas for an assessment that aligns with your business priorities. These focus areas often include:

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Improving the experience

Conflicting and disjointed point solutions can keep your team from realizing their full potential and increase IT overhead. We’ll examine your functional requirements and build a business case for the right unified productivity solution to enable your teams to seamlessly collaborate and achieve more.

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Enhancing your security posture

With the rise of hybrid/remote work, it’s more important than ever that organizations have strong controls in place to manage their productivity solutions and data. Inviso can engage across your organization to understand your requirements and current state, identify gaps, and provide solutions to help you stay secure, as well as educate your team on best practices and standards for future initiatives.

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Designing secure remote solutions

With the increasing prevalence of cloud solutions, many legacy virtual desktop infrastructures need to be modernized for the hybrid work era. Inviso’s consultants will support you in designing the right solution through Azure Virtual Desktop or Microsoft Windows 365, enabling your users to maximize productivity wherever they are, securely.

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Following your assessment, Inviso’s consultants will review specific, actionable recommendations with you to help you reach your goals, and can support you in moving swiftly from assessment into action and into impact for your business. Click here to learn more about our Cloud Journey Solutions. 

Why Inviso

Our Azure experts make it easy for clients to get the most from their cloud transformation journey. We offer proven processes, industry-leading specialists, and a deep, long-standing partnership with Microsoft.

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