The business intelligence platform you need to make smarter IT decisions.

Movere is a multi-dimensional SaaS platform that increases business intelligence by accurately presenting entire IT environments within a single day.

Our platform allows you to discover, prepare for the cloud, and optimize with confidence as your organization grows & changes, regardless of platform, application or geography. Movere’s self-discovering bots identify users, applications and resource consumption intelligently and geospatially — whether on-prem or in the cloud — to immediately give you the visibility and control you need to be effective. There is no software installation, no trace of Movere’s presence left in your environment. It simply scans, gathers, and reports on 100% of everything that exists in your IT environment — and it does it all at a rate of up to 1,000 servers per hour making it possible for most enterprises to access this information with a single day.

Scope of Publishers: Microsoft and VmWare

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