SAM Managed Services

Inviso’s Managed Service can drive strategic benefits and enable your digital transformation.

Leverage our SAM consultants.

We can help you optimize your license position and unlock data so you can make informed and strategic decisions for your IT infrastructure. Our expertise and resources can strengthen your internal resources empowering you to grow your SAM program.

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Let us help

As your team makes day-to-day decisions regarding new hardware and software deployments, considers new technology platforms, etc. questions will arise. We’re here to help get you quick answers to ensure projects move forward without delays and informed decisions are made.

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Always be confident in your current license position

  • Prepare true-ups without the typical last-minute rush and estimations used to submit on time
  • Stop wondering what might have been missed, miscalculated, and/or misunderstood in internal reviews

Maximize your software financial investments

  • Know that the software purchased is delivering value
    Identify ‘shelfware’ and eliminate wasted spend
  • Maximize SA benefits, investing only where SA delivers
    value and using your SA benefits

Unlock the data to drive strategic quarterly initiatives

  • Complete the renewal process well-informed, clear on your current position, and confident in the new contract’s alignment with your go-forward strategies and the business’s needs
  • Surface data-driven, actionable insights into your strategic initiatives:
    • Cybersecurity enhancements
    • SQL optimization
    • Datacenter modernization
    • Azure sizing