SAM Engagements

We can help with your current IT initiatives with a point-in-time SAM Engagement where an ongoing, managed service does not fit your current needs. Let us use our Microsoft Licensing knowledge to help you better understand your environment and licensing needs for the new modern workplace. SAM engagements support internal license reviews, Microsoft Entitlement Analyses, M&A events, EA True Up and Renewal for multiple publishers.

Engagement Types


Inviso works with you to get a deployment footprint of your IT environment, then will compare that to your current Microsoft licensing to provide a complete analysis and a clear view of your organization’s current licensing.  We will make recommendations for optimization, modernization and recommendations around the modern workplace for your IT environment.


Inviso will work to get a complete inventory of your SQL environment across your IT infrastructure. Identify opportunities to optimize both hardware and resource utilization of your SQL licensing.


Let our consultants provide a foundational assessment of your environment, with a cost analysis to assist with business decisions around cloud initiatives.


End-of-support deadlines are critical events for organizations to plan for. Let our consultants help identify end-of-support software and develop a go forward solution to optimize your environment.