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Short is best.

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I love a good book by the fire. Give me a long, juicy story, full of exciting details – the more complicated the story line, the better.

While drawn-out passages are great for cozy reading on the couch, they don’t always work when it comes to marketing. Gone are the days of minute (or longer!) commercials. The reality is that people now have 140-character attention spans.

red chair with book laying on it image

So one of my roles at work is editor. I’ll take lovingly crafted content from my writers, pull out my virtual red pen, and have at it. They’ll sigh and moan, and then tidy up what’s left. We end up with a final piece that’s sharper, cleaner, and frankly, more likely to get read.

My advice to them, and now to you, is to rewrite, revise, and hone your copy so you’re left with only what you need. As Jack Black’s character, Miles, says in The Holiday, “I used only the good notes”.

Use only the good words.

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