Security Assessment

Assessment of your resources and business objectives to develop a fresh approach to your security strategy.

Inviso’s expert team will assess your organization’s security posture, look for vulnerabilities and identity risks with recommendations to mitigate. Here’s a closer look at what the Security Assessment provides:

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Strategy & Plan Workshop 

A workshop designed to identify your business priorities, timelines, and milestones in the upcoming year for a successful secure cloud adoption.

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Secure Score Review

Review Secure Score in Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

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Review software and hardware assets to identify unmanaged devices, unsupported desktop and server operating systems, and user vulnerabilities.

What’s included

  • Executive summary
  • Customer business objectives and Zero Trust Framework workshop
  • Assess end user identity policies and usage data
  • Run Secure Score in Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • Insights into Microsoft security products such as Defender and Sentinel
  • Third-party technologies that can be displaced by Microsoft security tools, maximizing ROI/TCO

Phase 1​
Strategy & Plan Workshop
1–2 Days

Phase 2​
Collect Insights
1–2 Weeks

Phase 3
Analysis & Presentation
1–2 Weeks

How to get started

Contact Inviso to learn more about how our Microsoft Security Assessment experts can help reposition your security strategy. Watch this video for a closer look at the benefits it provides! Reach out to us today at