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Optimize cloud investments and control spend by understanding SaaS usage in your organization.

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SaaS application usage is becoming the new normal for most IT teams. While this can help drive effective digital transformation across your organization, it can also cause a shift in both purchasing and control of the technology – with business units owning the purchase and consumption.

This shift can make it difficult to have a complete understanding of how many SaaS applications are running in your organization, how much you’re really spending on SaaS subscriptions, and possible compliance and security implications.

We have teamed up with Snow Software to bring you a free, on-demand webinar to help you:

  • Gain insight into more than 1,000 SaaS applications to quickly and accurately identify spend across the entire estate
  • Optimize utilization and spend by harvesting duplicate or unused subscriptions and right-sizing subscriptions
  • Proactively manage and negotiate SaaS renewals with automated reporting and dashboards that provide detailed license, entitlement, and usage analytics

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