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OneLake in Microsoft Fabric: An introduction

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OneLake in Microsoft Fabric
OneLake is a single, unified, logical data lake for analytics data across the whole organization. It is a brand-new service and comes automatically with every Fabric tenant. It is automatically provisioned behind the scenes when the first OneLake artifact (such as a lakehouse) is created within Fabric. There is only one OneLake per tenant.
Built on top of ADLS (Azure Data Lake Storage) Gen 2, OneLake provides a single, SaaS-ified, tenant-wide store for data that serves both professional and citizen developers. As with the rest of Fabric, the SaaS-ification of the lake simplifies experiences without the user ever needing to understand any infrastructure concepts such as resource groups, RBAC (Role-Based Access Control), ARM, redundancy, or regions. In fact, users aren’t even required to have an Azure account. Policy and security settings are enforced centrally and uniformly.
Comparatively, a lakehouse in Fabric is a collection of files/folders/tables that represent a database over a data lake used by the Spark engine and SQL engine for big data processing. This includes enhanced capabilities for ACID transactions when using open-source Delta Lake format tables.
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