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Microsoft Copilot in Fabric and Power BI

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Microsoft Fabric, which is Microsoft’s latest data platform, was made generally available in November 2023, and Inviso worked with Microsoft on Fabric as part of a private preview the year before its release. Our close involvement made clear that Microsoft had established a stable analytical platform focused not only on enhancing usage but also on making it integrated and easier to set up and manage. We also saw a renewed focus on democratizing data access, giving every persona within an organization, from business analysts to domain experts, the ability to explore and derive insights from the data without being hindered by technical complexities. Microsoft leveraged AI and ML technologies to build digital assistants which make it easy to understand data, derive insights, transform data, and generate reports.

We see many opportunities in these enhancements for our customers, as they open up data access to a wider audience within the organization and remove the dependency on technical resources, with the availability of no code and low code options for exploring the data and generating reports.

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