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Inviso’s Quick Takes from Ignite

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At Microsoft Ignite 2020, Microsoft shared how they are empowering organizations and people to build resilience with their tools and services across the Microsoft Stack. One particular session, Power Platform, was front and center.  Microsoft sees the future of development to be a collaborative effort between the professional developer doing the ‘hard stuff’ like connectivity via APIs, etc. while citizen developers build interfaces and processes in Power Apps and Power Automate.

Power Apps will be able to be developed inside of Teams and without additional licensing.  Power BI for Teams is in preview.  Teams is becoming the replacement for SharePoint, etc. as the one app employees have to go to for collaboration, meetings, file sharing, routine processes like onboarding (Power Platform approvals), and business intelligence.

Power BI Premium is offering per user licensing, so companies that couldn’t justify the cost of Premium before, but want the combination of paginated reports, larger datasets, more reliable and better performance, and AI capabilities can license by user.  Also, Power BI Premium will add elastic auto scaling where v-cores will be added one at a time as needed and shut down after 24 hours.  Customers can set restrictions on it as well.

Azure Synapse Link for Azure Cosmos DB enables real-time dashboards and analysis by automatically replicating the transactional data in a Cosmos DB database to a columnstore structure that is fast for analytics.  Power BI or other tools can then be used to query that store from within Synapse.  You can also combine the Cosmos DB data with other data sources like ADLS inside of Synapse.

Inviso has the skills and expertise to help you utilize the robust options in Power Platform. To get started, please contact, and we will discuss your current infrastructure and how using Power Platform can help you get to your idea future state.

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