Inviso Corporation has a new CEO

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David Lazarus, Ken Lippe, and Martin Wolfram

From left to right: David Lazarus, Ken Lippe, and Martin Wolfram. 

We are pleased to announce that Inviso Vice President, David Lazarus, is taking on the role of Inviso CEO, effective February 28, 2023. Current CEO Martin Wolfram is moving into an Executive Chairman position and COO Ken Lippe remains in his position. This change is the culmination of Inviso leadership’s long-term succession planning strategy.

David has been a valuable contributor to Inviso during his 14+ year history with the company, reporting directly to Martin for over 12 years. In that time, he has had broad influence across the company, working closely with the founding partners on key strategic initiatives. This has given him a deep understanding of the business beyond his direct area of responsibility.

“I appreciate the mentorship provided by Martin and Ken over the years and am very grateful for the trust they have put in me. Together, we will continue to build on the strong foundation that has been established over the years. I look forward to taking on this new responsibility and shaping the future of Inviso in the years to come.”

David LazarusInviso CEO

In his new role, Martin will be focusing on clients with challenging problems and the integration of new technologies into Inviso’s product and service offerings.

Inviso’s strategy remains the same: At our core, Inviso is a client-centric company powered by thoughtful, innovative people who care deeply about finding the best possible solutions to ensure that our clients’ needs are consistently met.

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