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Data Innovation

Reimagine. Explore. Transform.

At Inviso, we thrive on digging into what’s next. What’s next in technology. What’s next in innovation. What’s next for your business.

We will work with you and your data to open up brand new possibilities, helping you envision and bring to life state-of-the-art solutions built in the cloud. Our solution design and development teams will show you how to get more value from the cloud, using it as a launchpad for the capabilities your organization needs today, and into the future.

Designed to be the single place for all your analytics data, OneLake in Microsoft Fabric is a new, single, unified, logical data lake for analytics data across the whole organization. Read our white paper for an introduction to what it offers.

Modern Data Warehousing

Business today runs on data. Improve agility by optimizing the way data is structured, flows, and is used across your organization.

We offer a full range of services around data modeling, storage, automation, and analytics. Our experts are available to consult with you on your needs and work with you to create a plan based on best practices we’ve developed over the years.

Power BI

Power BI gives organizations the insights they need to make confident decisions. But making the most of Power BI requires understanding the different ways you can work with it and taking the right approach for the right situation.

Our dedicated team of Power BI pros can help you make the most of Power BI so you get the outcome you need.

Power Platform

As a low-code / no-code platform, Microsoft Power Platform democratizes app development, helping organizations to keep up with growing demands across the business.

We’ll work with you on envisioning and help you take full advantage of the extensive capabilities of the Power Platform. The result: a solution that’s customized for your business and delivers meaningful results.