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What is Microsoft Fabric? AzurePower BI

What is Microsoft Fabric?

Every year, Microsoft Build is chock-full of exciting announcements. While that’s certainly true this year, one we’re particularly interested in is Fabric. So, what exactly is it? In Microsoft’s words,…
Kevin Sherman
May 23, 2023
David Lazarus, Ken Lippe, and Martin Wolfram Inviso

Inviso Corporation has a new CEO

From left to right: David Lazarus, Ken Lippe, and Martin Wolfram. We are pleased to announce that Inviso Vice President, David Lazarus, is taking on the role of Inviso CEO, effective…
Inviso Team
February 28, 2023
Security quiz banner Inviso

Security Quiz

Our technical team pulled together the top 5 questions they commonly use to learn more about a customer’s approach to dealing with cybersecurity challenges, along with pro tips they recommend…
Inviso Team
October 25, 2022