Power BI Workshops

Power BI Jumpstart and Dashboard in a Day workshops help you learn how you can build powerful business analytics solutions with your data.

Power BI Jumpstart: 3-Day Workshop

A hands-on (virtual or onsite) workshop to help you adopt Microsoft Power BI for self-service business intelligence.

In our Power BI Jumpstart offer, we work side-by-side with your analytics/BI team to take an existing, high-value report and convert it to Power BI as a vehicle for training your team how to create Power BI reports and dashboards.

Instead of using dummy data, we use your organization’s real data, so you can learn Power BI best practices in a context that’s unique to your business. This offer is designed specifically for do-it-yourself teams that want secure, self-service Power BI for their organization.

Pre-requisites: Attendees have latest version of Power BI Desktop installed and access to data source to follow along with workshop. Data Gateway installed if scheduled refresh is required.

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Dashboard in a Day: 1-Day Workshop

This immersive, one-day, hands-on session is designed to guide you through the entire lifecycle of a Power BI report.

Power BI dashboards provide a 360-degree view of your business data. Whether you’ve never opened Power BI Desktop before or already have working reports in Power BI, you’ll learn something new in this session. We provide a robust sample data set, a 150+ page step-by-step instruction book and expert trainers – all you have to do is bring your laptop! You’ll learn how to connect to data, shape it to meet your requirements, build visually stunning reports and dashboards, and publish to the Power BI service. You will also learn how to securely share your creations inside your organization, including sharing to mobile devices. You can bring your own data (e.g., Excel file). At the end of the session, we’ll help you take what you’ve learned and start building reports and dashboards with your own data.

Workshops can be held virtually or on-site.

Pre-requisites: Attendees must have the latest version of Power BI Desktop installed on a Windows 7 or higher laptop and must be able to connect to Wi-Fi.

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