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Short is best.

I love a good book by the fire. Give me a long, juicy story, full of exciting details – the more complicated the story line, the better. While drawn-out passages are great for cozy reading on the couch, they don’t…
Jeanne Kirby
October 30, 2017
paper and post it notes on table Marketing Services

What’s in it for me?

As a vendor of marketing services, I’ve been lucky to work with some pretty amazing clients over the years – mostly in the technology world lately. One of the things I think vendors bring to the table is an outsider’s…
Jeanne Kirby
September 27, 2017
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Rolling Averages in Power BI

Introduction After spending significant time writing the perfect DAX expression to calculate rolling averages in Power BI, I was pleasantly surprised by the April Power BI Desktop release that included a slew of new pre-built "Quick Measures" that take much of the…
Andy Parker
August 28, 2017