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7 Things to Look Forward to at the 2019 Adobe Summit

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With the acquisition of Marketo by Adobe in the past year, there is no doubt Adobe is changing the name of the game for marketing events. A star-studded line up under the Las Vegas sky next week will be the first time the infamous Marketo Conference and Adobe Summit will be collaborating to dazzle us marketers with the newest marketing trends, greatest technology, strategies, and so much more. With this being my very first Adobe Summit, I want to share the workshops and events that I’m most looking forward to.

  1. Dive into the Sky – Digging into Marketo Sky Beta
    Marketo Sky is one of the tool’s latest innovations to come from Marketo. Its goal is to ease the use for marketing campaigns and some of the features include: mass actions, marketing activity tree, save smartlist rules and flows, a new UX, and much more. This workshop is going to review some of the exciting capabilities, innovations that will come this year with Sky, and how to create a more efficient relationship with your sales team.
  2. Transformative Leadership – Exploring transformative leadership with industry leaders
    In the book Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella, I was captured by his leadership style and his desire to change and embed empathy in Microsoft’s company culture. His ability to take his desire to transform the culture of Microsoft had a ripple effect into their products and services to focus on accessibility, improving the world, and advocating for change. Needless to say, I am excited to see him speaking on this subject. Satya and Shantanu Narayen, Adobe Chairman and CEO, will be joining Ann Lewnes, Adobe’s CMO, on transformational leadership, which is a vital conversation to have as technology continues to advance more quickly than our US government policy can keep up with. I’m very interested in what this trio of tech executives have to offer on the topic. Did I mention Reese Witherspoon will be talking during this session about her activist work, too? I *might* be one of her biggest fans.
  3. Ah yes – the age-old marketing question…. How to manage your deliverability rates
    In the appropriately named workshop, Urban Legends and Myths About Email Deliverability Unveiled, Kiersti Esparza and Carmi Lopez – Jones will be hosting to help better understand your deliverability rates: how to strategize to make sure your email gets into an inbox. If you’re also a marketer that obsesses over deliverability and your BCL, SCL, and PCL scores, – come join me at this event. I’m also crossing my fingers that these incredible experts will discuss the pros and cons of changing a sender profile and it’s impact on deliverability.
  4. Hyper-Personalization, next-level nurture programs, oh my!
    The workshop of my dreams – a “one-size-fits-all” nurture that is hyper-personalized AND successful? I couldn’t sign up for this quickly enough. In this session, Amanda Thomas and Chris Vandermarel will share their strategies for creating a nurture program that accelerates your buyers’ journey. This session will review how to adapt to each lead’s personal content consumption history and engagement speed using some of Marketo’s greatest features.
  5. All things large-enterprise: Exploring scalability, growth, and management of large scale, global marketing teams.
    There are two sessions on this topic that I can’t wait to hear more about. First, on Tuesday afternoon, Scaling the Mountain: Marketing Operations in Large Global Enterprises to hear about how companies with hundreds of marketers can optimize their Martech stack and Marketo instances, scale marketing teams with an effective structure, and the role Marketing Operations leaders have in the growth of their organization. Then Thursday afternoon, we’ll look at a narrower approach to this topic with Microsoft in the session MOPS and POPS: Microsoft’s Marketing Operations Marriage Made In Heaven. Since I joined a team with Microsoft as our client, I’ve been exposed to some of the challenges and accomplishments over the past two years in the Microsoft Martech world. I’m looking forward to digging deeper into how Microsoft has been able to create such a functional, compliant, global marketing operation. Microsoft has made significant strides in a short time to create innovative marketing stack, and I am excited to have someone speak on how they were able strategize and scale their global marketing efforts.
  6. Breaking the marketing silos that inhibit your team’s greatness.
    3 Ways to Break Through the Silos Killing Your Marketing and Creative Teams session lead by Gary Clinger, Kevin Lindsay, and Kelsey Brogan sounds like an empowering session on how to knock down the silos that can suck the life out of your productivity. As a relationship-oriented marketer that can fall victim to silo-sabotage, I’m excited to hear how to better enable cross-functional teams and breakdown walls to better innovate our operations.
  7. The Killers are playing at the big Bash!
    If you’re attending the Summit, I hope you will join me at Bash on Wednesday night of the conference to shout the lyrics to some of The Killers classics at the top of your lungs.

What I’m looking forward to most is coming back feeling refreshed with ideas, strategies, motivation, and creativity to share with my team and apply to our marketing efforts….and let’s not forget  Reese Witherspoon. Hope to see you at the Adobe Summit!

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