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Inviso Team Hubs

Streamline the way your employees find the information they need, increasing productivity and reducing frustration.

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What in the world is a Team Hub?

Team Hub is a Windows® app that centralizes the access to critical resources into one location. The Team Hub acts as a launchpad for Windows® modern, desktop, and web apps as well as other digital resources, including SharePoint® sites and documents.

With a modest cost and a quick time to production, we can get you started with a Team Hub that is easy to implement and gets your employees on the path to increased productivity.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Increases employee productivity
  • Virtually no training required due to the highly intuitive design
  • Enhances existing IT investments such as collaboration, storage, ERP, and CRM solutions
  • Helps employees transition to a modern operating system, Windows 8.1/10
  • Quick return on your investment due to the modest cost and quick time to delivery
  • Minimal IT support required

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Use Cases

You decide which apps and web-based resources are important for a specific group of users. You also choose how to organize those resources based on team priorities and function. Here are just a few common use cases:

Sales Team Hub

Give sellers back time to sell by centralizing the tools they need through a highly appealing dashboard with easy touch access to things like CRM, sales reporting, price lists, product catalogs, social media, and marketing collateral.

Install from the Windows Store

Company Team Hub

Provide a centralized location for information employees need such as benefits, employee directory, organizational charts, and even time and expense reporting. Include a group of resources that provides access to tools employees need daily such as SharePoint and other intranet sites, online file sharing tools (OneDrive® or Dropbox™), project status tools and documents, business related social media, and branding guidelines.

Customer or Partner Hubs

Create an interactive customer or partner experience to showcase your products and services, expertly designed and easy to use. Display your hub on a touch screen device in your trade show booth to professionally share information with your prospective clients.

Team Hubs are a long-term solution

Designed to be expanded and scaled, this solution can support your business for the long term. The extensible foundation enables you to add a wide variety of additional features down the road, such as offline content, live tiles that display KPI’s from backend systems, or displaying different tiles based on user roles.

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