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Inviso Software Analyzer

Transform IT inventory data into high-quality consolidated reporting for accurate, informed decisions.

Know your environment

Gain control of your IT environment through a clear understanding of what is deployed.

Manage your assets

Make data-driven licensing decisions ahead of major events, including new agreements, annual True Ups, and renewals.

Ensure your compliance

Identify and address deployments that were unknown or have increased, and license implications of complexity such as automated VM movement.

Optimize your licensing

Drive license optimization based on a detailed understanding of current deployments, configurations and usage.

Learn about our SAM Managed Service

Inviso Software Analyzer (InvisoSA) allows organizations of any size to get a clear footprint of their IT environment through a self-service portal. InvisoSA compiles data collected from a variety of asset management tools and other data sources and transforms the data into consolidated reporting that helps you manage your IT infrastructure.

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The InvisoSA Discovery Toolkit enables the extraction of hardware, software and usage data from Active Directory, System Center, VMware vCenter, the Microsoft® Assessment and Planning Toolkit, and other data sources, which can be easily uploaded to InvisoSA to generate consolidated, summary reporting.

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The Inviso Software Analyzer has become not only the heart of our SAM practice, but we've also been able to use it in our normal course of business with customers of all sizes - up to 50,000+ seats. It does exactly what we need it to do - provide crisp, clean data that we use to help our customers make decisions about their Microsoft estate.

I've worked with many tools, but the Inviso Analyzer is the only one that sticks the landing so perfectly when it comes to reconciling a Microsoft environment. I get the data in exactly the right way so I can put it to use immediately, and the optics for the customer are outstanding. As I'm presenting complex concepts, I'm moving through the tool showing the customer exactly what I'm talking about without having to slow down to manipulate data. It's also incredibly easy to set up and use - which means I spend more time working with the customer on the results, and less time chasing down edge cases and struggling to build a quality data set!

Lane Shelton

Vice President, Software Business Development at PC Connection

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