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Business Process Management

Whatever the size of the business and whatever the goals—improving customer satisfaction, streamlining and reducing costs, increasing revenue, opening new markets, mergers & acquisitions, or migrating to the cloud—a process-centric approach is the best (sometimes the only) route to success. Our highly experienced team applies rigorous methodologies using world class BPM library software and industry best-practice frameworks (American Productivity & Quality Center) to deliver pragmatic solutions that are “useful, usable, and used”.

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Business leaders make substantial investments every year to create and improve the IT systems that support the activities and operations of their business. Unfortunately, all too often they are disappointed with the results. The IT development process can be slow and expensive and the capabilities delivered often miss the mark and require rework. It is all-too-easy to blame the IT organization but in reality the cause is often poorly defined and prioritized business requirements.

Taking a process-led approach to IT investment planning can dramatically improve outcomes. Well documented as-is and to-be business processes are used to define system requirements. Nothing gets lost in translation. The results are faster delivery, tight alignment to necessary business priorities, and significant cost reduction.

BPM consultants at Inviso have extensive experience gained in Fortune 500 (tm) companies of using process documentation and analysis to manage IT requirements planning and optimize IT investments.

Successful businesses are all focused on the future and running hard to drive continued success. All too often they don't have the time to capture on record what it is that drives this success today. All that knowledge is in people's heads but everything seems to be working fine. Until that is some of those crucial knowledge workers move on to other things; and worse still if it's to a competitor!

Maintaining the well documented business processes is the best way for business to protect itself against 'the brain drain'. It also provides the essential baseline for other more value-add activities such as process improvement and optimization, IT systems planning, quality management, and compliance.

In order to manage business performance it is essential to be able to identify instrument critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the end to end process flow to ensure that they can be tracked and monitored by management on a continuing basis. As soon as any of those performance dashboard indicators go from green to yellow to red, the business needs to be able to quickly make changes to the process in order to remedy the situation.

Inviso consultants can help businesses to discover, document and analyze their processes to identify and manage these performance "hot spots".

You can’t manage a process if you don’t know what it is you are managing. The starting point for all process management is a baseline set of well documented as-is processes.

You first need to discover and tease out process from existing tribal knowledge, ad hoc documents, and SharePoint so that they can be rationalized and documented for the first time. Or you may have already documented some your existing process separately and now want to integrate them into a single end to end view to enable deeper analysis and improvement.

To supplement the consulting skills and expertise offered through all of its BPM services offerings, Inviso has partnered, Triaster Process Navigator from UK-based Triaster Ltd, to offer a simple but powerful process management software solution.

Our Triaster-certified BPM consultants can deploy this solution quickly and predictably using a well-structured and pre-priced implementation offering--to underpin the other consulting services needed by our clients.

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We are always looking for qualified candidates that want to work in an environment where innovative thinking is supported, successes are rewarded, and the client comes first.

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We hire bright, energetic, passionate, creative and fun people. Our employees are the core of our vision and success and they are what our customers love about us.

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Providing staffing services is only a part of our company. Overall, we are a services organization that provides both project based and ongoing services specialized in application development, business intelligence, marketing, software asset management, and business consulting.

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Because we are a flat organization, people are rewarded by their ability to influence decisions and direction. We are constantly interacting with all divisions of our company to satisfy the needs of our clients. This collaboration builds skills and knowledge fostering professional growth.

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